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Part number: W/SRTLRT-001K20/00

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Application: Data center
Number of phases (Input / Output): 1 / 1
Apparent output power[VA]: 1200
Active output power[W]: 850
Topology: VI (line-interactive)
Housing Type: Rack / Tower


Produkt Roku IT w Administracji

SINLINE RT is the newest range of technologically advanced UPS units designed mainly for computer servers, small computer networks, workstations and other electrical, electronic ad IT systems. With the universal Rack/Tower housing the UPS orientation can be changed quickly.

Applications of UPS SINLINE RT

Servers LAN Computer termnals DTP workstations Network and telecommunications equipment

In battery operation mode, the Clear Digital Sinus (CDS) system used in this series of UPS units generates a sinusoidal waveform at output. AVR, a built-in system for regulating (increasing and decreasing) the mains voltage adjusts incorrect input voltage to a level that is acceptable to the receivers, without the use of battery power. The unit's battery charging system with thermal compensation additionally protects the built-in batteries, prolongs their life and consequently leads to reduced maintenance costs.
In the SINLINE RT series units the battery can be replaced by the user. The units also feature an extensive communication system that uses an integrated network management card (for SNMPv2 and HTTP protocols) and HID USB, a communication interface for linking the UPS with other devices without the necessity to install software.
With the extended LCD display the user has complete control over the device, including the option to specify, in real time, the autonomous operation time (prediction of back-up time). The series also has a cold start function, with which the connected device can be started from the battery, while the UPS is not connected to the mains.




  • Rack/tower - With the universal housing, the orientation of the equipment is up to your preferences (the kit for installation in rack cabinet is available as an option)
  • CDS System (Clear Digital Sinus) - generates a clear sine wave in the unit's output (in battery mode)
  • AVR, a system for regulating (increasing and decreasing) the mains voltage - for adapting incorrect input voltage to a level that is acceptable to the receivers, without the use of the batter
  • LCD graphic display - grants the user complete control over the UPS
  • Battery charging system with thermal compensation - the device protects its batteries and prolongs their life
  • Back-up time prediction - for determining the UPS autonomous operation in real time
  • Manageable outputs - customized operation for specific needs of the more demanding clients
  • Cold start - for starting the device in battery mode, without connection to the mains
  • The battery can be replaced by the user
  • Integrated management card as a default feature (supports SNMPv2 and HTTP) - for remote management of the UPS through SNMPv2 protocol or a website browser
  • HID USB communication interface - the UPS can operate with other devices without the necessity to install software
  • Powersoft, monitoring and management software - a free app for integrating UPS devices with operating systems
Application : Data center
Apparent output power [VA]: 1200
Active output power [W]: 850
Topology : VI (line-interactive)
Number of phases (Input / Output) : 1 / 1
Housing Type : Rack / Tower
Operating temperature [°C]: 0 ÷ +40
Cooling : Forced, internal fans
Nominal input voltage [V]: ~ 230
Input voltage range (effective values) [V] and tolerance [%]: ~ 178 ÷ 281 ± 2
Input voltage rated frequency [Hz]: 50
Input voltage frequency range [Hz] and tolerance [Hz]: 45 ÷ 55 ± 1
Transfer thresholds: mains - UPS [V]: ~ 178 ÷ 281 ± 2 %
Nominal output voltage [V]: ~ 230
Output voltage range (effective) [V] and tolerance [%] - mains operation : ~ 195 ÷ 253 ± 2
Output voltage range [V] and tolerance [%] - battery mode : ~ 230 ± 5
Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) : +/- 10 %
Shape of output voltage (battery mode / normal mode) : Sine wave / same as input
Output voltage rated frequency [Hz]: 50
Output frequency range and tolerance - mains operation mode [Hz]: Synchronously
Output frequency range and tolerance - battery mode [Hz]: 50 ± 1
Output voltage filtering : RFI/EMI filter, varistor TVSS
Transfer thresholds: UPS – Mains [V]: ~ 183 ÷ 276 ± 2 %
Transfer time to battery mode [ms]: < 3
Transfer time to normal mode [ms]: 0
Overload capability [%]: > 105 % - 15 s (UPS off)
Internal batteries : 12 V / 7 Ah VRLA
Number of internal batteries : 2
Maximum overall internal batteries capacity [Ah]: 7
Back-up time - internal batteries (100% / 80% / 50% Pmax) [min]: 3 / 4 / 6
Nominal voltage DC circuit [V]: 24
Internal batteries maximum charging time - after discharging at 80 % Pmax [h]: 4
Dimensions - Rack (H x W x D) [mm]: 88 x 440 x 430
Dimensions - Tower (H x W x D) [mm]: 440 x 88 x 430 (UPS); 450 x 260 x 430 (UPS + 2 supports for tower position)
Net weight [kg]: 15
Gross Weight (with batteries) [kg]: 17
Transport Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm]: 197 x 547 x 545
Position in which devices transported : Horizontal
Maximum length of output cables [m]: < 10
Input over current protection : Short-circuit protection – Circuit breaker 10 A / 250 V AC; Surge Protection
Output over current protection : Electronic short-circuit and overload protection
DC over current (internal batteries) [A / V DC]: Over current
Power supply connection : 1 x IEC 320 C14 (10 A)
Output connections (numbers & type of outlets) : 3 x IEC320 C13 (10 A); 2 x PL
Signaling : Acoustic and optical; LCD display, LED
Communication interfaces : USB HID, SNMP/HTTP
Monitoring & management software : PowerSoft Professional