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Part number: W/PGRPTO-3315K0/00

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POWERLINE GREEN 33 PRO UPS units by EVER are ONLINE (VFI) UPS units, designed for working with devices powered from a three-phase mains. Dedicated in particular for sensitive receivers. A series of hi-tech UPS units, designed in particular for servers, LANs and data processing systems.



server rooms data centres hospitals and medical facilities banks telecommunication companies

industrial and production companies


The product's key innovation features are: possibility of reactive power compensation through the unit's internal blocks, hybrid operation mode and dynamic algorithm for cooling control. Important benefits from the user's perspective include: rational power management (providing considerable financial savings in the operation of the UPS and connected receivers), optional use of additional functionalities such as the analysis of environmental parameters, ECO mode operation, power scalability and autonomous operation time. We have introduced a 5-year warranty period to confirm the high quality of our products and strict conditions of monitoring the quality of production.




  • On-line operation with real double conversion, sine wave output voltage (ensuring top quality VFI-SS-111 parameters).
  • High short circuit current, thanks to which high selectivity of protection can be achieved on power distribution lines.
  • UPS input reactive power compensation – gives financial benefits thanks to reduced fees for reactive power consumption.
  • Hybrid operation – extended time of autonomous operation (in back-up mode) by supplying energy to the frequency converter simultaneously from the batteries and the mains operating with incorrect parameters – for a specific range of degradation of the mains voltage (very wide input voltage range).
  • High efficiency across a wide range of loads thanks to the use of high quality components.
  • Dynamic algorithm for cooling control, for adjusting the performance of the cooling system to the unit's current status (reduction of power losses and costs of the required cooling).
  • The Intelligent Battery Management technology utilizes advanced battery management to prolong its lifespan and to optimize the time and energy of charging.
  • ECO mode operation – for increased effective efficiency of operation of the power supply system.
  • Scalability (extension) of autonomous operation time thanks to the ability of connecting more battery modules to the UPS (optional).
  • Power supply rating scalability.
  • The start-on-battery function allows to start the UPS even if there is no power in the mains (so-called "cold start").
  • Obtaining temperature and humidity information on the basis of measurements – possibility of remote analysis of environmental parameters.
  • EPO (Emergency Power Off) is a mechanism for remotely breaking power supply to receivers from the UPS output in extreme circumstances (e.g. a fire).
  • Register of events - for storing information about events (recording operating modes, alarms and messages related to the operation of the UPS).
  • Soft start - to ensure correct start of the guaranteed power supply system (protection against unfavorable transition states).
  • Cooperation with control panels operating in Android system
Application : Data center, Industry and Infrastructure
Apparent output power [VA]: 15000
Topology : VFI (online, VFI-SS-111)
Number of phases (Input / Output) : 3 / 3
Housing Type : Tower