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Part number: T/LZ09-VAR020/0410

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Surge protector family: VARIANT
Type of power strip: Surge protector
Energy absorption (total)[J]: 175
Number of power outlets: 5


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The new VARIANT surge protector provides effective protection to the connected household or office devices against surges in the mains.  The protector is dedicated for devices such as desktop PCs and notebooks, peripherals, audio/video and multimedia devices.

As the protector comes with an IEC 320 C14 coupler, the user can freely replace the power cord with one of preferable length. By default, the protector comes with a 2 m detachable cord (grounded plug CEE 7/7 - IEC C320 C13). 

The protector features five grounded mains sockets with Child Protection system, preventing children from tampering with live elements. The protector's other functions include an LED indicating whether the surge protection is active, an automatic fuse for quick and easy re-activation of the protector and an illuminated, two-pole switch. 

* - if a power cord longer than 2 m is used, the minimal required conductor cross section is 1 mm2


  • Detachable power cord. By default, the cord is 2 m long.
  • Five grounded mains sockets. All sockets have interlocks that prevent children from accessing live components (Child Protection System).
  • Automatic fuse - for restarting the protector in case of short circuit or overload, once the cause of the fault has been removed.
  • Signaling of correct operation of the surge protection feature (LED).
  • Illuminated, two-pole mains switch secured against accidental triggering.
  • Holders for fixing the protector to the wall (fixing template can be downloaded from www.ever.eu).
  • The power cord can be placed in various directions.


Surge protector family : VARIANT
Type of power strip : Surge protector
Rated voltage and frequency [V / Hz]: ~ 250 / 50
Maximum current (total) [A]: 10
Socket capacity [A]: 10
Maximum power (total) [W]: 2500
Number of power outlets : 5
Type of power outlets : in accordance with NF C 61-314; System Child Protection
Overcurrent protection : 1 x automatic fuse 10 A
Type of surge protection : SPD type 3
Protected lines : L-N
Energy absorption (total) [J]: 175
Test voltage UOC (L-N) [kV]: 6
Voltage protection level Up (L-N) [kV]: ≤ 1,3
Continous operating voltage Uc [V~]: ~ 275
Impulse discharge current Imax (L-N) [kA]: 6
Signaling : 1x LED (Protected)
Plug : NF C 61-314
Power switch : Double pole, backlit
Dimensions [W x D x H] [mm]: 64 x 345 x 49
Power cord length [m]: 2
Net weight [kg]: 0,290 (unit) + 0,202 (detachable power cord)