OEM services

OEM services

Customization options of EVER devices

We are a renowned UPS manufacturer offering OEM production services of specialized UPS units with our business partners' private labels. The units are manufactured in our facility in Poznań, Poland. Our high capacity production line guarantees quick turnout of orders, flexibility and quality matching your needs. To cater for the needs of more discerning customers we also provide short production runs.EVER's OEM services are particularly recommended for importers and trade businesses operating in the uninterruptible power supply field who wish to offer own brand specialized UPS devices in EU states.


  • making trial batches and finished goods;
  • manufacturing packaging according to the customer's specifications;
  • supervision over the production process;
  • quality inspection of finished goods;
  • supervision over the loading and dispatching of the ordered goods;
  • handling all formalities (invoices, certifications, etc.);
  • customs clearance within EU;
  • delivering the goods to the 
  • customer;
  • after-sales service.

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Sebastian Ludwin
Export Manager
Mobile: +48 606 115 678 
E-mail: export@ever.eu