Operating recommendations

The back-up time depends on the power of connected receivers and the type and number of applied batteries.

Please note that the back-up time for the same receiver may vary if batteries from different manufacturers are used, even if they have the same rated capacity. A highly advanced time prediction algorithm allows to accurately determine in real time the UPS's autonomy. The algorithm's accuracy is the highest for recommended batteries (due to the high precision of load characteristics of certain batteries introduced to the algorithm).

List of recommended batteries for SUPERLINE 11, POWERLINE GREEN 33 and POWERLINE 33 UPS units:

  • Europower EV series
  • Europower EH series
  • Europower EP series
  • Europower EPS series

If batteries other than recommended are used, the readings may be imprecise and this may lead to reduced or extended back-up time in relation to the readings (Tau).