New version of PowerSoft

The next version of PowerSoft Professional 2.3.5, the original UPS secure power system managing and monitoring software by EVER, is now available for download. It supports all UPS unit lines available from EVER (including Sinline RT and Sinline RT XL). The new version of the software (made available to EVER users free of charge) is compatible with all standard operating systems and Windows 10.

The main purpose of EVER’s PowerSoft Professional software is protecting IT infrastructure prone to power outages from a long-term lack of power in the grid. The security of the equipment is primarily the result of the possibility of controlled and safe shutdown of OSes within a local network and putting the UPS circuit in standby mode (until the power is back). 


What’s new in PowerSoft Professional 2.3.5?

  • support for UPS Sinline RT oraz Sinline RT XL – USB, SNMP (v1), 
  • support for Windows 10,
  • support for  VMware 6.0,
  • adding new functionalities. 

Development and implementation of new features through periodic updates of the PowerSoft software is possible thanks to the dedication of EVER’s team of specialized programmers. The SCRUM methodology used during the design phase allows for the collection of a requirements and needs list directly from EVER’s UPS users. Because of this, the software is being developed in a cycle of subsequent iterations. Introducing a new update (version) on the market is preceded by a series of quality tests that are meant to verify the stability and validation of the software (checking compliance with client requirements and expectations). 

The ability to create in-house software and to constantly update it with active participation of EVER’s UPS user is a confirmation of the innovation and flexibility of EVER’s management as a manufacturer. 

Download the current software version.

PowerSoft Professional 2.3.5:

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