New series of UPSs EVER Sinline RT and RT XL launched on the market

Poland’s leading manufacturer of secure power systems, EVER Sp. z o.o., introduces a new series of UPS circuits using line-interactive topology - the EVER Sinline RT and EVER Sinline RT XL UPS units. The devices are primarily designed to secure server power supply, network equipment, data storage devices and workstations. 

Unlike other UPS circuits available on the market, EVER’s UPS units come equipped with an integrated network interface. The administrator can monitor their work parameters using either the SNMP protocol or a web browser. The USB HID communication interface will allow them to easily recognize the connected equipment. Thanks to the use of optional expansion cards in the Sinline RT XL version, the user has access to additional functionalities, i.e. EPO, RS232, or MODBUS. New EVER UPS units will allow remote updates of the firmware.

An important advantage of the new Sinline RT XL series is the PF=1 power factor (the active and apparent powers are equal), so a 3000 VA UPS has an active power of 3000 W. The new RT (Rack/Tower) UPS enclosure allows them to be placed either in a 19” rack or as standalone units. 

The circuits are equipped with a range of modern features not present in the existing solutions provided by the Polish manufacturer. EVER's UPS series has been developed as a response to the market needs and users' suggestions. With Sinline RT campaign motto: “The power of new benefits in RT housing”, the manufacturer wishes to emphasize what users may gain from using this series’ devices. According to the Polish manufacturer, the modern features of the UPS units will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The Sinline RT and Sinline RT XL series, along with EVER’s other solutions, are available from Distributors and EVER Authorized Channel Partners (more at: 

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