The beginning

EVER Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) has been founded in 1991 and since the very beginning has been active in the electronics market. The dynamic growth of the number of computers in Poland in early 1990's was an impulse for EVER's management to become active in the IT market. The company's in-house R&D department drew up designs for UPS units and production started. Since the very beginning the company was resolved to operate with maximum protection of the environment in mind.


  • The company is registered and begins operating in the electronics market.


  • Preparations to start the production of uninterruptible power supplies; design and implementation activities.


  • Beginning of production and sales of low power UPS units for PCs, branded as EVER.
  • Marketing and trade activities begin, ultimately resulting in the creation, over several years, of a network of distributors of EVER products across Poland.


  • First digital UPS are created. The DPC system, Digital Power Control, allowed to replace numerous electronic components of a UPS with a single chip. Reliability of products increases.


  • A new product - a filtering strip - gains recognition among buyers and being a highly reliable product wins 25% of the Polish market within just 2 years.


  • ISO 9001:2000 quality management system, certified by Det Norske Veritas, is introduced.
  • IDG's survey shows that EVER is the vice-leader among UPS brands in Poland.


  • UPS units designed by EVER engineers, featuring a unique CDS system (Clear Digital Sinus), are introduced to the offer. The system generates a clear sine waveform in the UPS's output.
  • EVER becomes the largest Polish manufacturer of UPS devices.
  • A new production plant in Poznań begins operation.


  • The company extends service portfolio with designing specialized power supply system solutions, consulting services on energy and electronics designs and developing customized versions of products for clients with specific industrial needs.
  • Works begin on environmentally friendly ways of obtaining energy.


  • EVER presents a pioneering SINLINE EVOLUTION UPS, in which energy is stored in superconductors.


  • SPECLINE 700 are introduced to the market, a series of power supplies designed for other needs than UPS units produced by EVER so far. These are the first units in the Polish market specifically designed for central heating boilers, hydronic fireplace systems, pumps and solar power system.
  • Introduction of single-phase on-line UPS (VFI) units, developed fully in-house, with operating power range from 6 to 12 kVA.
  • Introduction of SINLINE LT UPS units, dedicated for clients who need to support power supply even for several hours.
  • The range of services now includes installation of on-line units on site.


  • SUPERLINE, UPS units for especially sensitive receivers, are launched.
  • Later that year EVER begins selling its products - UPS units and surge protectors - in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • SINLINE Pro 10000 is introduced - the only line-interactive device in Poland of such a high rating (10,000 VA).
  • SPECLINE Pro 700 series is made, a series of UPS units dedicated to protecting the operation of central heating boilers.
  • Introduction of three-phase on-line UPS (VFI) units, developed fully in-house, with operating power range from 10 to 50 kVA
  • Start of production of three-phase on-line UPS (VF) units, with operating power range from 60 to 120 kVA. Project co-financed from the Innovative Economy program.
  • Implementation of new software for monitoring UPS units (PowerSoft Personal, PowerSoft Lite).


  • EVER is honored with the Gazelles of Business award. This prestigious award not only reflects the dynamic growth of the company but also its impeccable reputation, integrity and fairness towards business partners, employees and the State Treasury.
  • VOYAGER, a surge protector for mobile devices, is launched, offering excellent protection for laptops, iPods, cell phones, MP4 players, etc.
  • SINLINE EVOLUTION UPS units with supercapacitors are supplied to Polska Grupa Energetyczna.
  • EVER is the first UPS maker in the Polish market to offer simplified leasing of UPS units.
  • A partner program is launched for resellers and integrators who sell EVER's UPS units and surge protectors (attractive cooperation conditions also apply to foreign partners).


  • ERP, an IT system, is implemented.
  • The company's products are now sold in Lithuania.
  • Implementation for production of three-phase on-line UPS devices (VFI), with operating power range from 60 to 140 kVA.
  • POWERLINE RT, UPS units for tower and rack enclosures, are introduced.
  • A range of new power strips, filtering strips and surge protectors (fully compliant with the updated Polish Standard PN-EN60950-1:2007) is prepared.
  • Works begin on PowerSoft Professional, new software for monitoring the operation of on-line UPS units.
  • EVER is now listed as one of the 500 most innovative business in Poland, on a list drawn up by the Polish Academy of Science's Institute of Economic Sciences.


  • New products are launched: surge protectors (HOME, OFFICE), UPS units (ECO LCD, POWERLINE GREEN 33) and batteries (GREEN POWER).
  • Company's structure evolves to satisfy the market's current needs.
  • EVER receives "Serce za Serce" (A Heart for a Heart) award for many years of continued support for the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery of Prof. Zbigniew Religa in Zabrze.


  • EVER is honored by CRN, an IT periodical, as "the best company of the last 15 years" („Firma 15-lecia").
  • The company is awarded the title of the Market's Leader in Innovations 2013 (Rynkowy Lider Innowacji 2013).
  • EVER starts cooperation with Veracomp, EVER's new distributor follows the Value Adder Distributor model.
  • EVER POWERLINE GREEN 33 awarded the emblem Highest Quality by Quality International 2013 (Najwyższa Jakości Quality International 2013).
  • EVER is one of the winners in the prestigious program for promoting business culture - "the Fair Play Company of 2013" ("Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play 2013").


  • EVER begins cyclic training for designers and contractors of investment projects . The training organized by EVER focuses on presenting uses and functionalities of UPS systems, designing installations and selection of equipment.
  • EVER commences cooperation with AGH University of Science and Technology. Following the Poznań University of Technology, AGH UST from Kraków is yet another technical university that entered into the cooperation with the Polish manufacturer of UPS units. The agreement was concluded on January 07, 2014 and stipulates taking up cooperation to create and develop beneficial conditions, for both parties, with regard to scientific and R&D activities that will boost Polish economy. EVER and AGH UST will be cooperating in joint research, exchange of scientific and research experience, co-participate in creating research teams and hold seminars.
  • EVER commences the execution of a project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund that covers activities related to the development of export by implementing an Export Development Plan.
  • UPS POWERLINE GREEN by EVER, with active shunt/series compensation awarded the prestigious Golden Medal of the Poznań International Fair EXPOPOWER 2014. The jury appreciated the way the UPS addresses the specific needs of demanding customers.
  • UPS POWERLINE GREEN by EVER with active shunt/series compensation is announced the best product of EXPOPOWER 2014 and awarded the Golden Medal - the Consumers' Choice. Professionals and experts voted for the UPS online and in the Champions' Zone in the Fair.
  • The POWERLINE GREEN UPS series by EVER with active shunt/series compensation is awarded the Honorary Recognition at the 27th Power Engineering Fair in Bielsko ENERGETAB 2014. Discerning power industry experts appreciated the series' numerous features such as the hybrid operation mode that allows to prolong autonomous operation time, and the savings that can be achieved with the system of compensation of input reactive power.
  • The EVER brand was presented to the global community of experts and professionals in the International Engineering Fair MSV in Brno (Mezinárodní Strojírenský Veletrh). EVER was one of the 1500 exhibitors from Europe, Asia and USA that came here to showcase their innovative solutions for the engineering and electrotechnical industry.