General information

We are specialists in guaranteed power supply system for protecting various types of electric receivers and we have set a goal to ourselves to continually improve business areas that lets us satisfy the ever growing expectations of our clients and the market. Apart from safety and reliability, these also include additional accessories, functionalities and technical support.

Marek Bigaj - President of the Board


EVER is the largest Polish manufacturer of UPS units, with history dating back to 1991. Thanks to the efforts of the Polish engineers from the R&D department the company systematically introduces to the market pioneering technologies in guaranteed power supply, among else UPS units where energy is stored in supercapacitors. EVER is also the first manufacturer in Poland to have introduced UPS units dedicated to operate with central heating gas boilers. EVER's products also include filtering strips that protect against surges in the mains. We also design highly advanced power electronics systems and individual emergency power supply systems for businesses and institutions.

Thousands of Happy Customers

Throughout years we have introduced to the Polish market over 2,500,000 units, most of which have been created in EVER's R&D Department. Our satisfied customers include leading IT and telecommunication companies such as HP, Telekomunikacja Polska SA, Poczta Polska SA and large institutions such as the Ministry of National Defence, the Customs Service, the Prime Minister's Chancellery, self-government assemblies and others.

Domestic and International Sales

EVER products are distributed by the largest broadliners in Poland: AB, ABC Data, Action, Incom, TechData and Veracomp. The products are also available in leading IT stores (such as Komputronik and Vobis), electronic supermarkets (such as Media Markt) and web shop ( and others). In December 2009 EVER started offering UPS units in the Czech Republic and Slovakia through ABC Data.

High Quality Manufacturing

Since the very beginning EVER has put a lot of emphasis on quality. To confirm this the company has introduced ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The certificate confirming compliance with the standard has been issued in 2002 by Det Norske Veritas, an independent certifying body. The document confirms that all processes within the company conform to the highest standards and that customer's satisfaction is central to the company's business. EVER also holds a Transparent Company certificate and a Top Quality certificate issued by the Wielkopolska Association of Research on Quality.

Awards and Recognition

EVER's professional approach to customers is confirmed with numerous awards and distinctions awarded by independent experts and consumers. Among these, several stand out: Golden Medal of the International Poznań Fair EXPOPOWER, 1st place in the poll among PC World Komputer readers for the best products, 1st place in PC World Komputer test and distinctions awarded by and, along with Gazelle of Business awards by Puls Biznesu.

Brand Promotion

EVER actively promotes its brand, considered a unique offering in the Polish market for its cutting edge products. This included a sponsorship for Dariusz Michalczewski, a professional boxing world champion. EVER was also supporting the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery in Zabrze (at that time headed by Prof. Zbigniew Religa), a motorcycle team Creative Honda Ever Racing Team, Łukasz Sztuka, a racing driver, the Association of Archaeology and Protection of Military Historical Monuments Perkun and many others. EVER's yet another charity activity is also strategic sponsorship for UKS Poznań, a team of wheelchair volleyball players.