EFU, EVER's own application allows to quickly update the firmware of SINLINE RT / RT XL series UPS units. Once started, the application automatically searches for any available updates of the firmware. If a new firmware version is available, the application, upon confirmation by the user, automatically updates the firmware. 

  • Updating firmware quickly and intuitively
  • Hassle-free selection and adaptation of the correct firmware version
  • Supports the most popular Windows systems (x86 and x64):
  1. Windows XP,
  2. Windows Vista,
  3. Windows 7,
  4. Windows 8,
  5. Windows 10, 
  6. Windows Server 2003,
  7. Windows Server 2008,
  8. Windows Server 2012.

Download EVER FIRMWARE UPDATE (EFU) [exe 19,5 MB] >>
Download user’s manual EVER FIRMWARE UPDATE (EFU) [pdf 790 KB] >>



  • Make sure the UPS battery is fully charged before updating the firmware. 
  • Before updating the firmware, all devices connected to the UPS unit's outlets must be switched off. The UPS unit's inverter is switched off during the firmware updated process (no voltage on the UPS unit's outlets). 
  • For the duration of the firmware update process, it is recommended that the PC with the firmware update software is protected against uncontrolled power loss.


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