Energetab 2015 - thank you for meeting

We would like to thank all our Guests for visiting us at EVER's booth during the 28th Bielsko International Energy Exhibition ENERGETAB 2015 that took place 15-17 September 2015 in Bielsko-Biała. We are pleased that the secure power systems, manufactured by the Polish manufacturer EVER, presented to you enjoyed such substantial interest.

 The exhibition was a perfect opportunity for us to meet and discuss your expectations. Thanks to the responses we received to important questions, we will be able to consistently develop and broaden our portfolio. At the booth, we also had the pleasure of showcasing new products enriching EVER’s portfolio. Among them were solutions dedicated to security of servers and IT infrastructure - the new SINLINE RT and SINLINE RT XL series UPS units. These devices have been equipped with a range of new features, including an integrated communication interface in the standard version, allowing for efficient monitoring of UPS functioning parameters via the SNMP protocol and a web browser. One advantage of the new devices that was particularly well-received by the Visitors was the ease of use and operation.

Our Guests were also very interested in guaranteed power systems by EVER&Fogo. The solution, resulting from a cooperation of two Polish manufacturers, received - after technical examinations - a favorable recommendation of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering of the Poznań University of Technology, a feat that aroused considerable interest among our Visitors. The systems ensure uninterrupted power supply in the event of long-term voltage dropouts. The solution combines the advantages of long standby time, high quality of the energy supplied to the receivers and an optimal price, appropriate to the quality of the device.

We are confident that you will remember the time spent with us fondly. We will make every effort to ensure that the talks started during the fair give rise to future projects, eventually completed with mutual success. See you in Bielsko-Biała in 2016!