Power Device Network Utility Software

Power Device Network Utility is an easy to use tool for searching for IP addresses of NMC cards working with POWERLINE RT PLUS UPS models.
The app scans the LAN for all available NMC cards (including the ones operating in different address classes) and supports:

  1. Reading the parameters of cards available in the network (MAC address, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DHCP status, name and location of the device, operating time and the card's firmware version)
  2. Card configuration – the user may select static configuration (and manually define the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway) or dynamic configuration via a DHCP server. Authorisation is required during configuration – user: admin, password: admin.
  3. Time limit configuration – possibility of determining the time during which the app awaits for response from NMC cards. This time is 3 seconds by default, but can be extended to 60 seconds for networks with more devices.

Download the utility Power Device Network Utility 1.5.3