System Protect Software (SPS)

SPS (System Protect Software) is a utility for communicating with NMC management card (Network Monitoring Card). SPS creates event logs, informs users about events, organises activities for applications and provides settings for shutting down PCs. SPS offers methods of safely shutting down systems in case of sudden power losses. SPS also allows to safely save app data and documents before shutting down the system. It consists of two, main components: SPS Service and SPS Interface. SPS Service is a system service and operates in the background. SPS Interface is an app with a user interface and serves to configure the SPS software.


  1. Download software user manual [pdf 1.2 MB] >>
  2. Download software SPS [zip 20.9 KB] >>

Choose your compatible platform and download dedicated SPS version:

  1. SPS Windows [zip 4,2 MB] >>
  2. SPS Linux [zip 9,7 MB] >>
  3. ​SPS MACOS [zip 4,1 MB] >>
  4. SPS Solaris [zip 2,4 MB]  >>
  5. SPS VMware Serve >> zobacz instrukcja obsługi str. 15​

Current list of all SPS installers for various operating systems >> 

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