Remote Panel

The Remote Panel application is a modern tool for users who wish to control and manage the functions and parameters of the UPS from the device where the application is installed. The application works with SUPERLINE 11, POWERLINE 33 and POWERLINE GREEN 33 series. The tool accurately recreates the control panel installed in the UPS. It can be used for monitoring the parameters and the operating mode of the UPS when the user is not around.

The user may remotely control the UPS and read its parameters and event history if connected to the network to which the UPS is connected by WiFi / LAN or VPN.

To be able to use the remote panel, the user must first install a Kometh SNMP/HTTP network management card in the UPS and configure it according to the manual. If there is a need to use the remote panel not only to read parameters from the UPS but also to write them to the unit, it is necessary to enter the IP address of the mobile device on which the remote panel is installed into the SNMP agent's configuration (NMS IP).

The application can be installed on Android devices, such as tablets and notebooks. Among else, the application is compatible with Android 2.1 and its newer versions.


Minimal system requirements for correct operation of the application:

  • Min. 256 MB RAM
  • Network access from WiFi or LAN
  • Min. 7" display

Information required to configure the device:

  • IP address of the network card installed in the UPS
  • Read password
  • Write p​assword (optional)